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1500TPD soybean deep processing production line

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(Last Updated On: June 5, 2020)

Fujian Changde protein Technology Co., Ltd. 1500TPD soybean deep processing production line and 40,000t soybean protein concentrate production (SPC) line project, built by CHEMSTA, was put into operation in June 2017 under the close coordination and precise organization of both sides. The product lines have been put into production according to the established process sequence, the equipment has operated continuously and stably, and the process and technical indicators have met or exceeded the design requirements. The project adopts alcohol protein production process, and it is a modern production line with the largest scale and the most complete products of feed-grade plant protein in China. The main products are feed-grade soybean protein concentrate, expanded soybean meal with different protein content, molasses soybean skin, concentrated phospholipid, fourth-grade soybean oil and so on.
The new project is located in Yuanhong Investment Zone, Fuqing City, adjacent to the Matsushong Wharf of Fuzhou Port, with a superior geographical location. There are many large grain and oil processing enterprises in the area, with high industrial agglomeration and serious product homogeneity. In order to meet the stable supply demand of local feed processing enterprises for plant high-protein raw materials, Changde Company is based on the use of the most advanced and mature technology and equipment in the world to produce high-quality plant protein products to meet the high-end demand of the market. With the smooth operation of the production line, feed-grade soybean protein concentrate, high-protein soybean meal and other products continue to be put on the market, the sensory indicators and various physical and chemical indicators of the products meet the high standards of downstream enterprises and are favored by the market. Has a strong market competitiveness.
With the success of a test run of the project, CHEMSTA once again demonstrated its comprehensive strength and technological leadership in the field of soybean deep processing with a real engineering model. It integrates the practical application of nearly 60 innovative achievements made by CHEMSTA in the field of soya white flake and protein(SPC/SPI) in the past decade, including technological research and innovation in high-efficiency conditioning and peeling, low-temperature desolventizing, ethanol high-efficiency sugar removal, protein low-temperature drying, etc., in order to improve the quality of low-temperature meal and protein products and meet the high-quality requirements of downstream products or markets. Innovative research and development of a series of core mainframe equipment (such as drying and tempering tower, low temperature desolventizor alcohol darg chain extractor, protein extruder, horizontal vacuum dryer, high efficiency evaporator), the aim is to provide single machine equipment with more efficient, energy saving and greater processing capacity for protein processing, and improve the scale and efficiency of single line processing. In the aspect of factory intelligent control, we should pay attention to the development and application of fine measurement and control, information processing and information sharing systems to provide guarantee for “lean production”, and to develop comprehensive processing technology and equipment for by-products (such as soybean skin and syrup). To “squeeze clean” the by-products and improve the utilization value of the by-products; Continue to develop and apply high-efficiency, energy-saving and environmental protection technology and equipment to meet the requirements of cleaner production standards, and lay the foundation for customers to build a “harmonious factory”.
The future will be a process of continuous progress and promotion. CHEMSTA will continue to adhere to the scientific and technological development concept of “innovation, development, harmony and win-win”, market-oriented, customer satisfaction as the purpose, continuous research and development in the field of soybean deep processing plant protein engineering, create more possibilities, let customers share more successful practice and innovation value, and lead the industry to a higher, deeper and broader direction with higher quality results.

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