500t/d Soybean White Flake Project Completed and Put into Operation

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The 500t/d soybean white flake project of Shandong Guohong Biotech Co., Ltd., constructed by CHEMSTA, was completed and put into operation on July 26, 2023. After nearly two months of continuous and stable operation, the product quality, various economic and technical indicators, and the intelligence level of the production line are superior to existing similar product production lines.

This production line includes a complete set of soybean deep processing sections such as soybean pretreatment, extraction, and soybean oil refining. 500 tons of soybean seeds are processed every day (24 hours), and the soybean white flakes produced will be used for processing soybean protein isolate.

The following videos was taken on this project:

The perfect delivery of engineering comes from our excellent innovation team. Our company currently has over 110 engineering and technical personnel of various areas, including over 50 senior engineers, 6 application researchers, 2 young and middle-aged experts with outstanding contributions in Shandong Province, and 1 person enjoying special allowances from the State Council.

The perfect delivery of engineering comes from our well-established and open innovation platform. Our company has 7 provincial and municipal level R&D innovation platforms. We have successively won multiple honorary titles such as National Specialized, Refinement, Differential and Innovation “Little Giant” Enterprise, “Shandong Gazelle Enterprise”, “Shandong Specialized, Refinement, Differential and Innovation Small and Medium sized Enterprise”, and “Shandong Manufacturing Industry Single Champion Enterprise”.

The perfect delivery of engineering comes from our continuous R&D innovation investment. Since CHEMSTA establishment, the company has completed the development of over 150 new scientific and technological products; won over 40 provincial and municipal level science and technology awards, and over 110 patents, including 11 invention patents, 13 software copyrights, and participated in the formulation of 3 national standards and 5 industry standards.

The perfect delivery of engineering comes from our richer successful experience. CHEMSTA has undertaken the construction of over 20 sets of white flake production lines of different capacity both domestically and internationally. Its rich engineering practice experience provides reliable guarantee for the perfect delivery of soybean white flake projects.

Shandong Guohong Biotech Co., Ltd. was established in September 2020 and is located in Gaotang County, Shandong. It is a high-end protein series product processing enterprise. Main products: non-GMO soybean oil, high-end soybean protein isolate, nutritional TSP (Textured Soybean Protein), edible dietary fiber, white flakes, etc. The products are widely used in the major health fields such as health products, special medical foods, protein drinks, and plant-based vegetarian diet.

The perfect delivery of the soybean white flake project once again proves the technical strength of CHEMSTA in soybean white flake processing field. We welcome global customers to visit CHEMSTA!

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