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60000T/A Soyabean Protein Concentrate(SPC) Project

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In mid-May 2017, the Phase II Project (60,000 tons soybean protein concentrate annually production line) of Shandong Zhongyang Biotechnology Co.,Ltd., which was constructed by Shandong Chemsta, was successfully launched in one-time. Along with the crisp and cheerful rhythm of the protein packaging machine, bags of qualified protein concentrate powders lined up neatly to the protein finished products warehouse. It took only 48 hours from start-up and feed to reach production and standards. As of now, the production line is running steadily, all the production indicators have reached or exceeded the contract requirements.

Shandong Zhongyang Biotechnology Co.,Ltd., which is subordinate to Shandong Sanwei Oils & Fats Group, mainly deals with the development direction of “high, fine, special” products in deep processing of soybeans. The production line is made of soybean as raw material and processes to produce soy protein concentrate(ethanol) products. And it is the largest single-line domestic production line that can represent the current international level of protein concentrate processing, and is a key construction project in Shandong Province as well. The smooth completion and production of the project has established the confidence and solid foundation for the industrial upgrading and strategic transformation of Shandong Sanwei Oils & Fats Group; at the same time, it is also an assessment and verification for Shandong Chemsta devoting to the research and development, independent innovation of soy protein concentrate process equipment, as well as the integration of innovations in plant intelligent control and energy saving and environmental protection technologies for more than a decade, and set a new benchmark for the soy protein concentrate processing equipment.
The perfect delivery of the 60,000 tons soy protein concentrate annually production line of Shandong Zhongyang Biotechnology Co., Ltd. once again confirmed the comprehensive strength and leading position of Shandong Chemsta in the market segment of concentrated protein equipment manufacturing. Shandong Chemsta fulfilled its commitment to the society and its customers with real examples.

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