80000 Tons One Year SPC Project Signing

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In July 2020, the world’s largest single-line soybean protein concentrate production line was signed (with an annual output of 80,000 tons of soybean protein concentrate).

This is customer’s second SPC project. In 2016, CHEMSTA built 40,000 tons SPC project and this project is successfully running now. Because the product quality is good, their orders continue to increase, and the original production capacity can no longer meet the requirements, so they ask CHEMSTA continue to build a second production line for them. Except SPC project, we also build many other project for them:

2016: 1500 TPD Soybean Processing Project (include preparation and solvent extraction)

2017: 600 TPD Soybean Oil Refining Project (First Grade Oil)

2018: 1200 TPD Soybean Preparation Dehulling Project

2019: 140 TPD Soybean Syrup Spraying Soybean Skin Project

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