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Successful Key Equipment Transporting of 80,000TPA Soybean Protein Concentrate Project

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(Last Updated On: February 7, 2021)

In August 2020, CHEMSTA signed an annual production capacity of 80,000 tons of feed grade soybean protein concentrate project with Fujian Xingyu Industrial Co., Ltd, which is the largest capacity single-line ethanol soybean protein concentrate production line in the world. The first phase of the company’s high-protein feed meal processing of 600,000 tons of soybeans per year and 40,000 tons of alcoholic soybean protein concentrate production line per year were successfully put into operation in 2017.


In February 2021, after 6 months of production, the first batch of core equipment has been delivered to the customer’s factory and is in place. The equipment shipped is the core equipment of the soybean protein concentrate project: CHEMSTA SPC ExtractorCHEMSTA SPC Horizontal Dryer and CHEMSTA SPC Vertical dryer.


Since the first production line of ethanol soybean protein concentrate was successfully put into operation in 2003, CHEMSTA has been accumulating and innovating in the field of research and development of plant protein production process and equipment manufacturing, and has built more than 20 sets of plant protein production lines and exported to Russia and other countries, including eight ethanol soybean protein concentrate production lines (single line scale annual output of 10,000-70,000 tons). In recent years, we have set up several production-academia-research platforms jointly with domestic professional colleges and universities, scientific research institutes and processing enterprises, and with this support, we have made a lot of scientific research achievements in developing large-tonnage host equipment, optimizing process routes, upgrading intelligence, improving product quality and reducing comprehensive consumption, and successfully applied them to production practice. Bring huge economic benefits and good social benefits for processing enterprises. Many scientific research achievements have won provincial and municipal scientific and technological awards and honors, and the “large intelligent complete set of equipment technology for soybean protein concentrate preparation by alcohol method” has passed the evaluation of China Cereals and Oils Association – the overall technical level has reached the international leading level. At the same time, CHEMSTA has been increasing the investment in manufacturing equipment year by year, adopting precise and modern manufacturing equipment to improve the precision and quality of products, and the appearance and internal quality of the production lines constructed have made a qualitative leap.

Other equipment for this project will be delivered in the near future, and engineers and installation workers will also be stationed at the site upon the arrival of the equipment to start the installation work.


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