CHEMSTA Held the 12th QCC Achievements Presentation Meeting

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Recently, Chemsta held the 12th QCC achievements presentation meeting in the multi-function hall. The eight QCC teams that reached the final, adhering to the concept of “full participation and continuous improvement”, reported their activities to the company.

QCC is also called Quality Control Circle, Quality Team, QC Team, etc. It is characterized by a group composed of grass-roots workers. Through proper training and guidance, the team members can explore, analyze and solve problems related to daily work through regular meetings, so as to improve product quality and work efficiency. In order to improve the quality, reduce costs and improve the quality of workers, CHEMSTA began to fully implement QCC activities in 2009.

At the meeting, the team members showed their achievements in the innovation practice in 2022 in the form of text, charts, data analysis, scenario representation, etc. from the aspects of topic selection, cause analysis, countermeasures and measures, effect inspection, and consolidation measures. Through the score of the judges on the achievements presentation site of each team, as well as the previous achievements implementation and achievements report review scores, the Youth Team finally won the championship, and their theme is “promoting the blue project and comprehensively improving the comprehensive ability of workers”; the Golden Eye Team won the runner-up, and their theme is “reducing the delay rate of pipeline components”; the Perfect Pair Team won the third place, and their theme is “improve the process and increase the efficiency of tube sheet drilling”; the rest of the quality control team won the winning prize. At the interval of the presentation, there were also quizzes on QCC, 6S, and safety production knowledge.

Quality is the life of an enterprise, and innovation is the driving force of development. All departments of the company adhere to the concept of continuous improvement, continue to promote various quality activities, pay attention to the outcomes of the activities, strengthen the promotion of achievements, and give full play to the subjective initiative and enthusiasm of the staff in the QCC team. In the future, we should take this activity as an opportunity to learn about the achievements of quality improvement, strive to transform and implement them, and promote our own quality improvement and technological innovation.

2023 is a year for CHEMSTA to promote high-quality development in an all-round way. I believe that the next QCC activity will create more high-quality achievements and add luster to CHEMSTA’s high-quality development!

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