Chemsta 2022 Annual Summary Recognition Conference

Chemsta 2022 Annual Summary Recognition Conference
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On February 4, 2023, Shandong Chemsta Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. 2022 annual summary and commendation conference and high-quality development mobilization Conference was held in the multi-function Hall. Company general manager Mr.Zhang Ming attended the meeting and spoke.

Chemsta 2022 Annual Summary Recognition Conference

The conference commended the outstanding individuals and teams and awarded them the Special Contribution Award, Excellent Engineering Award, New Product Design Trial-produce Award, and other awards, the winning representatives made a statement.

Mr.Zheng Feng, the winner of the Special Contribution Award and the engineer in charge of the technology of Chemsta soybean protein concentrate (SPC), has kept innovation in recent years. He has creatively put forward the integrated design idea of drying and evaporation, the wet protein step-by-step drying process, the mixed liquid four-step evaporation process, and secondary steam of the drying provides a heat source for the four-step soybean syrup evaporation, realizing the heat balance in the workshop, with remarkable energy-saving effect, and has been successfully applied in several soybean protein concentrate projects, It has made outstanding contributions to the Chemsta protein concentration equipment technology to a new level.

Another winner of the Special Contribution Award, Mr.Cheng Jie, the engineer in charge of the main equipment of soybean protein concentrate – Horizontal Disc Dryer and Vertical Disc Dryer, has made great progress in the innovative research and development of drying equipment in recent years. He has innovatively developed a series of horizontal disc dryers and vertical disc dryers. As the key core equipment of soybean protein concentrate technology, they have been successfully applied to many soybean protein concentrate projects, and the effect is good. The two types of drying equipment are expected to expand into other industries and become new economic growth points for the company.

Chemsta 2022 Annual Summary Recognition Conference

Mr.Zhang Ming, general manager of the company, delivered a work report titled “Innovation and Development Ahead  Improve Quality and Efficiency to Expand Market  Comprehensively Promoting the High-Quality Development of Chemsta”.

Mr.Zhang Ming noted in the report that the company’s key economic indicators hit a record high in 2022; Fujian Xingyu 80,000 tons of feed-grade soybean protein concentrate project and Shandong Wonderful 30,000 tons of food-grade soybean protein concentrate project have been delivered perfectly. These two projects are feed-grade and food-grade protein concentrate production lines with the largest ethanol-based single-line tonnage in the world at present; Tianjin Beihe annual output of 70,000 tons of feed-grade soybean protein concentrate project, Shandong Guohong 500 t/d of Non-GMO soybean white flake (untoasted soybean meal) project started construction at the same time; the company continued to increase the investment in scientific and technological research and development, accounting for 11.13%, an increase of 25.5%, and an increase of more than 20% for five consecutive years; a total of 42 patents have been applied, including 16 invention patents, and 18 patents have been authorized, including 2 invention patents. Participated in the formulation of 1 industry standard and 2 enterprise standards; “Vegetable Oils&Fats and Vegetable Protein Deep Processing Technology Equipment Industrial Design Center” and “The Provincial Industrial Design Center” was awarded in 2022; the two Key R&D projects in Shandong Province are progressing smoothly; it was awarded the honorary titles of “Specialized and Sophisticated Enterprises That Produce New and Unique Products” of Shandong Province and “Shandong Manufacturing Individual Champion Enterprise” in 2022.

Mr.Zhang Ming demanded that Chemsta should take the lead in the industry and have the courage to expand new markets and strive to “Shoulder the responsibility of state-owned enterprises, with first-class technology and equipment, with first-class service, to build first-class modern factory for global customers ” in vegetable oils&fats and soybean protein industry. With a strong sense of responsibility, concentrate on development, work hard to implement, and complete the primary task of high-quality development. Based on “stability”, focus on “entering” strive to expand the market, and serve customers well.

Chemsta 2022 Annual Summary Recognition Conference

Chemsta leadership, middle management, and employee representatives attended the meeting.

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