CHEMSTA Was Invited To Participate In The 4th American Oil Chemists’ Society China Section Conference

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On December 3-5, 2023, the 4th American Oil Chemists’ Society China Section Conference was held in Pullman Conference Center, Haikou City, Hainan Province. The conference focused on the source, application and processing trends of sustainable proteins and lipids, including 8 conference topics, 1 special issue topic, and 1 academic forum. The conference invited well-known experts and scholars and outstanding young scholars at home and abroad to attend and make academic reports, and jointly exchange the latest research results.

The American Oil Chemists’ Society (AOCS) is a high-end international scientific and technological forum for oils, fats, surfactants and related fields. Its cutting-edge technical solutions are well-known around the world. and its annual AOCS conferences cover dozens of related fields, with over 600 academic reports and posters. It has been held 114 times so far.

The American Oil Chemists’ Society China Section Conference (AOCS China Section, CNAOCS) was established in April 2016. Since its establishment, CNAOCS has always been adhering to the service concept of AOCS and taking the progress and development of the grains and oils industry as its own responsibility. It is committed to promoting the application and development of China’s modern lipids industry, building a cooperation and exchange platform with the world lipids industry, gathering professionals, promoting the rapid transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and promoting the in-depth research and development of high standards and high quality in oil production, oil processing, and comprehensive utilization of oil by-products, achieving the maximization of the oil and fat market and trade, To serve as a bridge and paving the way for the rapid development of China’s lipids science and industry and its entry into the world.

As a global leader in the field of soybean deep processing, CHEMSTA was invited to participate in the 2023AOCS annual meeting held in Denver, USA, and was invited to participate in this annual meeting again, chief engineer researcher Lin Fengyan shared the topic of “Development and Application of Large-scale Intelligent Alcohol-based Soy Protein Concentration Equipment Technology” at the conference.

Lin Fengyan introduced in the special sharing: in view of the problems in the production process of soybean protein concentrate, such as dark color, many black spots, poor extraction and penetration, high energy consumption, evaporation and coking of syrup, comprehensive utilization of molasses, etc., CHEMSTA team adopted the process of soybean meal extruding and double extraction for the first time after years of research and practice to improve the extraction efficiency, and the extraction process is efficient and continuous. It also created conditions for the subsequent drying yield and efficiency improvement and realized major innovation in extraction technology. The combination of extrusion + horizontal drying + vertical drying technology was adopted in the wet protein drying process, which improved the drying efficiency and laid the foundation for the improvement of the yield of alcohol method protein concentrate, which was a breakthrough in the drying technology of alcohol method protein concentrate. In the process of thin syrup evaporation, four-effect countercurrent evaporation technology is used to concentrate molasses, low temperature evaporation under negative pressure, reduce the evaporation temperature, reduce the amount of coke, and extend the normal production time. In terms of comprehensive utilization of molasses, CHEMSTA has developed molasses spraying soybean hulls technology and equipment, using plate drying + air drying & desolventizer enzyme elimination process to quickly dry soybean hulls and kill anti-nutrient factors to obtain molasses coated soybean hulls and improve the added value of products.

Through scientific research and innovation, CHEMSTA has systematically realized the large-scale production of soybean protein concentrate by alcohol process, intelligent clean production and efficient utilization of resources by using technologies of one-sieving, two-step extraction, three-stage drying, four-effect evaporation and five-times absorption.

The complete set of equipment for large-scale intelligent alcohol method soybean protein concentrate production of CHEMSTA has been evaluated by experts from the Chinese Cereals and Oils Association (CCOA), and the conclusion is that the complete set of equipment technology has independent intellectual property rights, significant economic and social benefits, and the overall technical level has reached the international leading level; according to the industry expert review organized by ZKHC, the overall technical level of the integrated energy-saving system for drying and evaporation has reached the world’s leading level.

During the conference, AOCS leaders and experts visited the CHEMSTA booth to guide the work, and gave full recognition and praise to CHEMSTA’s achievements and innovations in the field of soybean deep processing.

CHEMSTA has been engaged in oil processing for more than 40 years, and has built nearly 1,000 oil processing plants around the world. In recent years, CHEMSTA has been deeply engaged in the field of soybean deep processing (soybean white flake, soybean protein concentrate, soybean protein isolate, etc), and has successively undertaken the construction of feed grade soybean protein concentrate production lines and food grade soybean protein concentrate production lines with the largest single-line production capacity in the world. In the future, CHEMSTA will not forget the original intention, keep in mind the mission, continue to carry the banner of soybean deep processing, uphold the development concept of “Innovation, Development, Harmony and Win-win”, increase scientific and technological innovation, and promote the development of China’s soybean deep processing equipment towards the large-scale, intelligent and high-end direction.

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