CHEMSTA Annual Report 2023

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We are Shandong Chemsta Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., a company that has been committed to the turnkey solutions and equipment manufacturing of vegetable oil processing (soybean, peanut, rapeseed, sunflower seed, cottonseed, corn germ, etc.) and vegetable protein (soybean protein concentrate, soybean protein isolate, cottonseed protein, etc.) for 48 years.

Starting from 2021, we have decided to report to our customers annually for at least the next 30 years on the projects we signed, currently under construction, and completed last year. This will help you understand what CHEMSTA has done in the past year or two years (some are large-scale projects that may last for two years), to help you better understand CHEMSTA.

Please click to view the annual report for 2021:

Please click to view the annual report for 2022:

The following is our third annual report-2023 Annual Report:

In the past 2023, we have delivered the following projects:

(1) 500 T/D Soybean White Flake Production Line

This project was signed in 2022, and officially completed and put into operation on July 26, 2023. Currently, it operates stably, and the product quality, various economic and technical indicators, and intelligence level of the production line are superior to existing similar production lines.

soybean white flake

 The client’s company was established in September 2020,

located in Gaotang County, Liaocheng City, Shandong Province, China. It is a high-end protein series product processing enterprise. Main products: Non-GMO soybean oil, high-end soybean protein isolate, nutritional TVP(textured vegetable protein), edible dietary fiber, white flake, etc. The products are widely used in

health products, specialty medical foods, protein drinks, and plant-based vegetarianism.

The predecessor of this client, Gaotang County Soybean Processing Company, has been cooperating with CHEMSTA for more than ten years. CHEMSTA has successively undertaken 450T/D and 700T/D soybean white flake projects for it. The successful delivery of this project is due to the client’s trust in CHEMSTA for many years, and also more from CHEMSTA’s professionalism and authority in the soybean white flake industry.   

(2)500T/D Soybean White Flake Production Line (India)

The client’s company is a large soybean protein production enterprise in India, with main products including soybean white flake, soybean protein isolate, soybean oil, soybean lecithin, etc. To meet the supply of high-quality white flake, this client conducted detailed inspections and comparisons with multiple equipment suppliers around the world. In the end, CHEMSTA won the favor of customers with advanced technology and equipment, stable product quality, etc. strength.


Prior to this, the production of soybean white flake in India mostly adopted flash desolventizing technology and equipment. After verification, customers inspected several mature soybean white flake customer factories including CHEMSTA and believed that tank A-B desolventizing technology could produce better quality soybean white flake, which was also more energy-efficient and safe.

The project is currently undergoing equipment installation.

(3)100TPD Peanut Protein Project

Peanut protein is a kind of vegetable protein with high nutritional value and no protein thermal denaturation, refined through industrial production technology, using high-quality peanuts as raw materials. The raw materials are processed through low-temperature pressing, solvent extraction, and low-temperature desolventizing to obtain peanut protein and peanut oil.


The peanuts are first pressed at low temperature, then the pressed cakes are extracted by solvent, then desolventized at low temperature, then crushed and packed, and finally, peanut protein with the protein content of 50-55% (protein content of the finished product depends on the raw material) is obtained.

The core equipment in this production line, such as the drag chain extractor, Tank A-B System (low-temperature desolventizer), evaporation system, condensation system, and paraffin recovery system, etc., all adopt CHEMSTA’s self-developed technology, and all core equipment is designed and manufactured by CHEMSTA.

(4)600TPD Soybean White Flake Low-Temperature Desolventizing System

This customer is Shandong Yuwang Group, Yu Wang Group is a global leader in the deep processing of soybeans.

Shandong Yuwang Industrial Co., Ltd. is a group company headquartered in Yucheng city of Shandong Province of China. It is engaged in soybean deep processing, also involved in bio pharmaceutical, fine chemical, advanced carbon/ceramic material industries. Yuwang group is appraised as National Hi-tech Enterprise, National Leading Enterprise for Agriculture Industrialization, Nationwide Outstanding Enterprise in Food Industry, Model Enterprise for Initiating Management System of Integrating Information into Industrialization. Yuwang is the Chairman of China Soy Protein Association.

Yuwang Group affiliates nine factories, one post-doctoral research station, one provincial enterprise technology center, two provincial engineering research centers and 20 sales subsidiaries. Yuwang Group undertakes two National Torch Plan Projects. Yuwang Group developed four National Innovative Products, hundreds of patented techniques, and four nationwide famous brands.

(5) 30,000 Tons per year Food Grade Soybean Protein Concentrate Production Line

This is our second 30,000 food-grade SPC project following the construction of the 30,000TPA food-grade SPC project in 2021. As of now, the world’s largest single-line SPC production lines are all constructed by CHEMSTA:

– 80,000 TPA feed-grade SPC production line

– 30,000 TPA food-grade SPC production line (2 sets)

food-grade soybean protein concentrate project

The latest SPC project is currently undergoing equipment installation and is expected to start production in July 2024. If you would like to know the details of this project, please contact us.

Meanwhile, construction of the following projects has also started in 2023 (parts of the projects):

– 1500T/D Soybean Extraction Production Line

– 500T/D Sunflower Seed Oil Refining Production Line (2 sets)

– 200T/D Sunflower Seed Oil Hydration Degumming and Sunflower Seed Lecithin Drying Production Line

– 300T/D Peanut Cake Extraction Production Line (2 sets)

– 500T/D Peanut Cake Extraction (Including 350T/D Rapeseed Cake Extraction) and 220T/D Refining

In 2023, we won some honors and some invention patents:

The scientific and technological achievements of the “Innovative Design and Manufacturing of Integrated Energy Saving System for Drying and Evaporation of Ethanol Method Protein Concentrate” project has been evaluated by experts and concluded that the overall technical level of the project has reached international leading level.

(2) National Specialized, Refinement, Differential, and Innovative “Little Giant” Enterprise

(3) The deep processing technology and intelligent equipment for soy protein concentrate have been successfully selected as one of the Top 100 of  “Typical Cases of Loss Reduction and Efficiency Enhancement in National Grains and Oils Processing”

(4) The “Technology Development and Industrialization of Complete set of Equipment for Large Scale Intelligent Ethanol Method Soybean Protein Concentrate” project has been successfully selected into the “Good Technology in China” project library of China Productivity Promotion Center.

(5) 2023 All staff Innovation Enterprise

Since 1976, as a state-owned enterprise, CHEMSTA has over 46 years of experience in the vegetable oil and protein engineering and equipment manufacturing industry.

For nearly half a century, generations of engineers in CHEMSTA have been dedicated to the research and development, production, and manufacturing of equipment and engineering for vegetable oil and protein processing. We have never been involved in other industries, because we believe that “focus” can better serve our customers.

In 2024, we invite you to come to China to visit the factories of CHEMSTA and our clients and conduct on-site inspections of the projects we have built.

We hope to create greater value for you, grow together with you, and share technological progress.

In 2024, we are waiting for you!

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