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The cooking(softening) process is vital to the pretreatment of some oilseeds. It consists of heating the seed and reducing the moisture content.

Brief Introduction

ChemSta Cooker(Softening Cooker) is one of the main supporting equipment for oil production. It is suitable for softening preparation of raw materials in one-step extraction process of oil crops such as soybean, so as to increase plasticity of raw materials and facilitate flaking.
ChemSta Cooker(Softening Cooker) is mainly composed of motor, reducer, coupling, machine body, shafting, hot water pipeline, water (steam) pipeline, automatic gate device and other parts.
The equipment uses hot water(or steam) as heat source. The bottom jacket and side jacket of each layer of machine body are provided with hot water of about 90℃, heating and softening of material to be softened. The flow rate and heating temperature of hot water are controlled by adjusting the stop valve. In order to soften the material evenly, each layer is equipped with a stirring scraper. The scraper is driven by the main shaft running through each layer of the machine body. The main shaft is connected with the output shaft of the reducer through a drum-shaped tooth coupling.
In the first layer, the machine body is equipped with a water pipe adding device, so that the water can be sprayed directly and evenly into the material in order to control the moisture content in the material. According to the user’s needs, the first layer of the machine body is also equipped with a material level automatic control device to ensure the height of the material level and softening time. The outer surface of each layer of the machine body is provided with a material layer pointer to indicate the height of the material layer, and the bottom of the machine has an adjustable discharge door. Each layer of the machine body is equipped with an exhaust device to remove the moisture evaporated from the material during the softening process. Each layer is also equipped with automatic gate to control the thickness of material layer and even drop.
The function of ChemSta Cooker(Softening Cooker) is to adjust the temperature and moisture to make the oil have proper elastic-plastic property, reduce the powder degree and sticking phenomenon of the material, ensure the quality of the flaked material, reduce the machine vibration caused by the wear of the roll during the material rolling, and facilitate the normal operation of the flaking.
1. Good softening effect, low power consumption, labor-saving operation and convenient maintenance.
2. The equipment has reasonable structure design, less floor area and low noise.
3. The reducer of this equipment adopts SEW four-stage gear reducer, the front coupling adopts nylon pin coupling, and the lower coupling adopts drum-shaped gear coupling, which is durable, low noise and stable transmission.


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