Chairman Zhang Ming Visited Luhua Group and Chengdu New Shine Oil and Grain Co., Ltd.

(Last Updated On: June 13, 2023)

Recently, Chairman Zhang Ming visited Luhua Group (Xiangyang) and Chengdu New Shine Oil and Grain Co., Ltd. to listen to customer feedback, understand customer needs, strengthen communication, and promote win-win cooperation.

On May 29, Chairman Zhang Ming visited Luhua Group. General Manager Gai Shaojun and Factory Director Xu Ruiwen of Luhua Group warmly welcomed the arrival of Chairman Zhang Ming and his team, and fully affirmed and praised the upgrade and renovation project designed and constructed by CHEMSTA in 2021. The new production line after renovation has a high degree of intelligence, safer and more stable operation, further improving product quality, significantly improving production capacity and efficiency, achieving significant energy-saving and emission reduction effects, and significantly reducing operating costs.

After leaving the Luhua Group, Chairman Zhang Ming visited Chengdu New Shine Oil and Grain Co., Ltd. for inspection. 700t/d corn germ and rapeseed oil production line and 800t/d soybean food meal production line complete projects built by Chemsta for Chengdu New Shine Oil and Grain Co., Ltd. have been running stably and with excellent indicators since the start-up.

Founded in 1994, Chengdu New Shine Oil and Grain Co., Ltd. is a leading provincial agricultural industrialization enterprise in Sichuan Province, a designated unit for rapeseed acquisition, processing, and rapeseed oil storage of the National CFS, a designated processing enterprise for military edible oil, a vice president of Sichuan Grain Industry Association, and a president of Sichuan Oil & Fat Branch, ranked among the top 10 rapeseed oil processing industries in China.

Chairman Dong Guohua of the company highly praised CHEMSTA for providing a complete set of solutions and equipment for the technical transformation of rapeseed and corn germ pressing and extraction workshops, as well as the professional technical support and services provided by CHEMSTA. He praised the happy, harmonious cooperation and efficient hard work of the two teams, and gave support and praise to the development concept of “Innovate while Adhering to Traditional Ethics and Norms”. General manager Jiang Minjie awarded the “Excellent Equipment and First-Class Technology” honor plate to express his high recognition and gratitude to CHEMSTA. Subsequently, the two sides conducted exchanges and discussions on the next step of technical cooperation and strategic co-construction.

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