Cottonseed Protein Technology

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Cottonseed Protein Production Line

1. Raw Material: cottonseed
2. Products: degossypolized cottonseed protein, High Protein Cottonseed Meal (crude protein content: >50%, gossypol content:<400PPm)
3. By-Products: cottonseed oil, cottonseed hull, cotton linter
4. Applications:
4.1 Cottonseed protein can be used for production of basic feed for cows, which are raised for organic milk and organic beef .
4.2 As an alternative to protein source, cottonseed protein is suitable for production of formula feed for aquatic livestock

Cottonseed Protein Process

1. Cottonseed Dehulling Process Workflow:

2. Cottonseed Degreasing and Dephenolizing Process Workflow:

Cottonseed go through delinting, husking, low temperature softening, flaking, conditioning, leaching, degreasing , drying, toxic substance (gossypol) removal to produce cottonseed protein, which contains about 90 percent globulin

3. Major Equipment:

1. Cottonseed Husking
Rising conveyor, magnetic separator, scale, huller, kernel husk separator, horizontal softening machine, flaking mill, dryer, air net for dust removal, electric control equipment and other auxiliary devices.
2. Cottonseed Meal Degreasing and Dephenolizing
CHEMSTA Drag chain extractor, dephenolizing device, vertical desolventizer, filter, evaporator, rectifying column, stripping column, condenser, separator, vacuum system, solvent recycle system , exaust gas collecting system, electrical control equipment and other auxilary devices

4. Service:

CHEMSTA Specialty provides you with cottonseed shelling pretreatment, cottonseed meal degreasing, dephenolization to produce cottonseed protein. We can supply design, manufacture, installation, commissioning and after-sales work of complete equipment and engineering.

Automatic Control System

In CHEMSTA production lines, we make use of Siemens PLC control system, which is one of mainstream automatic control systems in today`s industry. The efficient, stable and advanced DCS control system consists of operation station, control station and communication network. We utilize high-speed and large-capacity S7-400 series PLC at the control system, large-screen LCD at the operation station, WINCC 7.0 industrial control software as monitoring software and PROFIBUS filed bus network for communication.


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