drag chain extractor

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drag chain extractor

CHEMSTA Drag Chain Extractor is solvent extraction equipment designed by our company for oil&fats and soybean protein concentrated project and is our patented product.

Brief Introduction

Ideal for high-volume extractions such as vegetable proteins, oil seed cake or other products that drain well, the Extractor is a continuous-loop, counter-current, shallow-bed extractor that’s extremely reliable and forgiving—even under adverse conditions.

Using solvent to dissolve oil or other extracts from the prepared material, the Extractor continuous-loop design is the most efficient method for extracting components from a wide variety of materials. The unique shallow, wide and long flake bed promotes excellent solvent contact, percolation and rapid drainage, allowing more complete extraction for the widest possible range of products.

It is solvent extraction equipment designed by our company for oil&fats and soybean protein concentrated project and is our patented product.
(1)The spray tank adopts anti-blocking structure design, the number of sprays is large and the spray amount is adjustable, which is beneficial to the penetration of solvent.
(2)The grid plate has self cleaning function.
(3)The oil hopper has anti-blocking function and no accumulation of materials.
(4)Drain thoroughly, low residual solvent in wet meal, and save subsequent desolventizing steam consumption.
(5)Discharge is continuous and uniform to ensure the safety of the equipment and the stability of subsequent desolventizing.


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