Export to Russia – Equipment for 500 Tons/Day Plant Oilseeds Processing and Solvent Extraction Production Line Shipped

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Since mid-May, CHEMSTA factory has been bustling. Heavy trucks loaded with plant oilseeds processing equipment set off one after another and were sent to the Russian customer site via Manzhouli Port.

This batch of equipment is a supporting equipment for oil pressing and extraction production line, which can process 500 tons of oilseeds per day. It is a set of oilseeds pressing and oil production line built by CHEMSTA for Irkutsk Oblast Oil Factory in Russia. It can process both soybeans and rapeseed. The entire production line uses computer central control and fully automatic control operation, and meets the Eurasian Economic Union (EAC) certification requirements. After the completion of the project, it will become the most modern oilseeds processing and oil production line in eastern Siberia, Russia.

Irkutsk Oblast Oil Factory is currently the largest edible oil producer in the East Siberian region. Its group company’s business involves multiple fields such as oilseeds planting, warehousing and processing, livestock and poultry breeding, slaughter and refrigeration, dairy and pastry production, and is one of the five giants in the Russian food industry. After repeatedly comparing and inspecting the system solutions provided by CHEMSTA with world-renowned brands suppliers in the early stage, we ultimately chose to cooperate with CHEMSTA. This is not only recognition of CHEMSTA’s brand and quality, but also recognition of China’s manufacturing and equipment development level. Faced with rapid technological progress and global market competition, CHEMSTA will adhere to the corporate philosophy of “innovation, development, cooperation, and win-win”, continuously make technological breakthroughs, strive for excellence, and create one excellent project after another, contributing to the development and progress of world oilseeds processing equipment.

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