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On March 20-22, 2024, the highly anticipated 27th China International Food Additives and Ingredients Exhibition (FIC2024) opened grandly at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. On this important stage in the global field of food additives and ingredients, CHEMSTA gathers with colleagues from around the world to showcase the latest advantageous products and technological innovation achievements.

Bring the latest technology and make an exciting debut at FIC. CHEMSTA, as a leading enterprise in the oil and protein industry, has presented its latest technological achievements in FIC2024, including complete sets of equipment for plant oil production and refining, soybean white flake, plant protein (soy protein concentrate, protein isolate, cottonseed protein, peanut protein, etc.), and complete sets of equipment for natural product extraction. It has introduced the industry’s cutting-edge technology and comprehensive solutions for oil and protein engineering to global customers and industry colleagues.

Green promotes development, innovation wins the future. For over forty years, CHEMSTA has been leading with technological innovation, with excellent manufacturing as the core, and serving every customer with excellent product quality, advanced technology, and thoughtful service. After continuous upgrading and optimization, in the oil and protein industry, CHEMSTA is not only a high-performance core equipment supplier for extractors, extruders, horizontal disc dryers, vertical dryers, syrup concentration, and evaporation systems but also a Turn-key solution provider for intelligent oil and protein factories. In the field of soybean protein concentrate subdivision, CHEMSTA has undertaken multiple turnkey projects (with an annual production capacity of 10,000-100,000 tons of processing scale) and has fully independent intellectual property rights. From product quality to product consumption, all at the international leading level. CHEMSTA has been awarded multiple honorary titles such as “National High-Tech Enterprise”, National SRDI “Little Giant” Enterprise, “Shandong Province Gazelle Enterprise”, “Shandong Province SRDI Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise”, “Shandong Province Manufacturing Single Champion Enterprise”, and “Shandong Province Advanced Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise “.

   FIC2024 has come to a successful conclusion, moving forward without stopping.  At this exhibition, CHEMSTA introduced its core technological advantages, industrial layout, and development blueprint to domestic and foreign customers and partners, showcasing a good company image. It also communicated and exchanged ideas around market trends, the latest technological frontiers, etc., gaining a deep understanding of customers’ new needs and ideas for engineering and equipment quality and services.

In the future, CHEMSTA will continue to work hard, continuously improve product quality, optimize service levels, and always adhere to the enterprise philosophy of “Innovative, Development, Harmonious Win-Win”. With innovation as the driving force, CHEMSTA will deeply cultivate the segmented market of plant oils and proteins, and work together with global customers to write a new chapter for the prosperous development of the food industry.

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