30,000 TPA Food Grade Soybean Protein Concentrate Plant Launched

(Last Updated On: November 25, 2022)

Insist on Innovation To Lead and Set the Industry Benchmark Again.

Recently, a 30,000 TPA food-grade soybean protein concentrate production line for Shandong Wonderful Group was successfully put into operation. After a period of stable operation, the product quality, economic and technical indexes, and energy consumption indexes are better than those of any similar product lines in the world.

  This production line is the third food-grade soybean protein concentrate production line designed and built by Chemsta for Shandong Wonderful Industrial Group, of which the second production line with an annual capacity of 20,000 tons of protein products was completed and put into production in 2012. Compared with the 20,000 TPA production line, the 30,000 TPA soya protein production line has a higher whiteness value and stronger functionality, saves more than 25% steam consumption per unit of product, reduces more than 30% ethanol consumption per unit of product, and has a higher degree of production line automation and intelligence.

The successful implementation of the project marks that the intelligent manufacturing level of vegetable edible oils & fats and soybean protein equipment in China has stepped up to a higher level.

It’s worth noting that a lot of the latest intelligent techniques and low-carbon energy-saving technologies adopted in this project have been applied for the first time in China and even the whole world in the soybean protein concentrate field.

– New high-efficiency Extractor for soybean protein concentrate,non-clogging, and high-efficiency extraction


– The second-generation vacuum dryer — low temperature, high efficiency of heat transfer, no dead angle, adjustable moisture

Soya Protein Concentrate

– Intelligent high-efficiency evaporation and concentration system — fully absorbing system heat, high-efficiency and energy-saving intelligent control

Soya Protein Machine

– Part of the application results and patents, with independent intellectual property rights

Soybean Proein Machine

The technical innovation team of Shandong Chemsta upholds the scientific research concept of “one generation of production, one generation of research and development”, and continuously innovates and practices in improving soybean protein extraction rate, improving product quality, saving steam, and reducing consumption, as well as opening up the application of intelligent control system, etc., and has achieved fruitful results in recent years, bringing real value to customers. It is deeply appreciated by the market and customers. At the same time, Shandong Chemsta upholds the spirit of craftsmanship and has created a number of high-quality production lines for customers, with a real model for the industry to set a new benchmark for different periods.

  It is our greatest pursuit and pleasure to share more successful practices and innovative values with our customers!

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