CHEMSTA Held an Honorary Retirement Ceremony for Workers

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In order to thank the retired workers for their years of dedication to the company, on December 29, 2023, CHEMSTA held an honorary retirement ceremony for workers. The ceremony was presided over by union chairman Zhao Xingcai. Chairman Zhang Ming attended and delivered a speech.

The retired workers who participated in the ceremony respectively made heartfelt speeches, recalling the past, describing friendship and talking about the future.

They counted the years, shared the unforgettable moments in the past work, fondly reviewed the unforgettable moments in the work with  the colleagues of CHEMSTA, and expressed their deep feelings for CHEMSTA and good wishes for the future development of the company.

On behalf of the leadership of the company, Zhang Ming presented the honorary retirement memorial trophy to the retired workers and sent them sincere wishes. He pointed out that honorable retirement is the end of the career stage, but also a new starting point for a happy life. He hope that the retired workers take care of their health, cultivate interests, enjoy family happiness, and do not leave their posts when they retire, put forward valuable opinions and suggestions to the company, and care and support the development of the company as always.

Zhang Ming stressed that retired workers are the valuable wealth of CHEMSTA, young workers should learn from retired comrades, inherit and carry forward their spirit of selfless dedication, to firm ideals and beliefs, with down-to-earth, hard work pragmatic style, accumulate experience in practice, increase ability, and strive for good results in their positions. We should inherit the spirit of struggle and selfless dedication, continue to work hard, jointly promote the high-quality development of the company, jointly build CHEMSTA into an international first-class brand, provide better services for global customers, and make “CHEMSTA” brand to become the most trusted and more trustworthy brand for customers.

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