Good News! CHEMSTAHas Been Recognized as theNational SRDI “Little Giant” Enterprise

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On July 14, the list of the fifth batch of SRDI “Little Giant” enterprise of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China was announced. With its professional deep cultivation and scientific and technological innovation strength in the field of technical equipment for producing soybean white flakes and protein concentrate by alcohol method, CHEMSTA was successfully selected, which is a national honor after winning the honor of Shandong gazelle enterprise, Shandong SRDI small and medium-sized enterprise, and the single champion enterprise in Shandong manufacturing industry.

SRDI “Little Giant” enterprise refer to small and medium-sized industrial enterprise with the characteristics of “Specialized, Refinement, Differential, and Innovation”. Enterprise recognition needs to simultaneously meet six indicators: specialized, refinement, differential, innovation, chain, and quality. Enterprises are required to have strong innovation, high R&D investment, high degree of specialization, strong supporting capacity, good growth potential, and great development potential. They are the new force for national strong chain reinforcement and fixation, and have a good demonstration and driving role.

This selection as a SRDI “Little Giant” enterprise is a full recognition and affirmation of CHEMSTA’s focus on segmented markets, research and innovation capabilities, industry competitive advantages, and mastery of key technologies.

In the future, the company will continue to adhere to the specialized, refinement, differential, and innovation spirit of the SRDI “little giant”. Focusing on the needs of the industry and market, CHEMSTA will increase investment in key technologies research and development, accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, continuously improve the company’s innovation ability, achieve high-quality development, and make new and greater contributions to the development of the industry.

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