Sesame Oil Solvent Extraction Project: Successful Running

Sesame Oil Solvent Extractor

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The 200 t/d sesame oil solvent extraction project contracted by Chemsta, was successfully put into use in the first trial run.

The user, one of the largest sesame edible oil producers in China, has more than 40 years of experience in sesame oil industry..

The production line adopts drag chain extractor specially designed by Chemsta for sesame oil making, which not only solves the problems of high powder degree material difficult to permeate in the field of oil processing and the material accumulation in the oil bucket of the extractor, but also ensures good residue oil index of the meal. The DTDC specially designed by Chemsta is selected to effectively ensure the desolventizing effect of sesame meal and greatly reduce the steam consumption. The mature separation technology of mixed oil meal makes the evaporation system stable and improves the quality of crude oil.

Oil Solvent Extraction

The production line reached the standard within a short period of time, and its excellent product quality and excellent consumption index are derived from the rich engineering experience and strong engineering design and equipment manufacturing strength of Chemsta, which shows that Chemsta has incomparable advantages in the field of sesame oil fields.

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