Paraffin absorption&desorption tower

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Paraffin absorption&desorption tower

The Mineral Oil Absorption System has been proven time and time again to be the safest and most economical system for recovering solvent vapors from exhaust gases.

Brief Introduction

Gas enters into extractor together with raw material, and mixes with solvent in the whole extraction system. This part of air could not be condensate, so it’s called Free Gas. Free gas long-term accumulation increases the inside pressure and affects smooth production process. Therefore, free gas shall be discharged in time. However, there are amounts of solvent gas in free gas, before discharging, recycling solvent in free gas by use of absorption tower is necessary.
(1) Paraffin Absorption Tower
In paraffin absorption tower, solvent gas combines with mixed steam and liquid paraffin together. Contacting with liquid mineral oil in converse direction, mixed gas is absorbed. Paraffin liquid covers mixed gas to absorb solvent gas. The absorbed substance is proportional to the contacting area. Achieve the best contact between liquid and gas media through stainless steel packing. The paraffin liquid sprayed into film-like covering the mixed gas to achieve absorption of solvent gas.
Main structure: ellipse head, cylinder, structured packing, inlet and outlet nozzle, etc.
(2) Paraffin Desorption Tower
paraffin oil (rich oil) containing solvent after heated enters into the desorption tower from the upper of the tower, through packing layer inside tower, under the steam heat energy effect in jacket and at the same time contact with the steam overflow injected into the tower from the bottom, part of the solvent gas released from the paraffin in which the solvent evaporated and desorbed.
Main structure: barrel, jacket, packing, direct steam nozzle, demister, head, etc.


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