200 TPD Peanut oil and Rapeseed Oil Refining Plant Launched

Peanut oil and Rapeseed Oil Refining Plant
(Last Updated On: November 25, 2022)

Recently, a 200 TPD edible oil refining plant built by Chemsta for Luhua Group (Xiangyang Branch) was successfully commissioned for production and started to yield qualified peanut oil and rapeseed oil.

As one most famous peanut oil and the top first brand in China, Luhua Group Co., Ltd. is a national enterprise committed to being the leader of high-end edible oil and a national key leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization. It has 47 production bases with an annual production capacity of 1.5 million tons of edible oil, 300,000 tons of condiments, and 500,000 tons of rice and noodles.

In recent years, Chemsta has built more than ten peanut oil and rapeseed oil plants (including pressing, solvent extraction, refining, dewaxing, etc.) for Luhua Group.

This new peanut oil and rapeseed oil refining plant incorporates a lot of Chemsta core equipment possessing independent intellectual property rights, such as a new combination of deodorizing tower, a new type of fatty acid trapper, a new type of falling film heat exchanger, which has been tested by both of peanut oil and rapeseed oil processing practices with excellent results. Leaders from many departments of Luhua Group headquarters went to the site to observe the workshop and gave excellent comments.

It is worth mentioning that this workshop is an old workshop with a small space and an unreasonable structure layout. After continuous optimization by Chemsta’s engineers, the workshop equipment on site is smooth, safe, and beautiful, and the old appearance is changed into a new one!

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