CHEMSTA Undertakes the Peanut Protein Turnkey Project

(Last Updated On: May 11, 2023)

Recently, CHEMSTA undertakes another peanut protein project, located in Yantai City, Shandong Province.

Peanut protein is a kind of vegetable protein with high nutritional value and no protein thermal denaturation, refined through industrial production technology, using high-quality peanuts as raw materials. The raw materials are processed through low-temperature pressing, solvent extraction, and low-temperature desolventizing to obtain peanut protein and peanut oil.

The peanuts are first pressed at low temperature. The pressed cakes are extracted by solvent, then desolventized at low temperature, then crushed and packed, and finally peanut protein with protein content of 50-55% (protein content of the finished product depends on the raw material) is obtained.

CHEMSTA utilizes the Tank A-B system, a low-temperature desolventizing equipment with independent intellectual property rights, to remove residual solvent from peanut meal as much as possible without damaging the function of peanut protein and NSI.

The peanut protein produced by this process equipment fully retains the nutritional components in peanuts, with high soluble protein and NSI values, good water solubility, clean white color, light flavor, and unique fragrance of peanuts. Its nutritional value can be compared to animal protein, and it is rich in a large amount of essential amino acids, vitamins, trace elements, and minerals for the human body, with an effective utilization rate of 98%, And it is easy for the human body to digest and absorb, and contains fewer anti-nutritional factors than soybeans. It is a natural nutrient with low sugar, low fat, cholesterol-free, and high nutrition.

The core equipment in this production line, such as the drag chain extractor, Tank A-B System, low-temperature desolventizer, evaporation system, condensation system, and paraffin recovery system, etc., all adopt CHEMSTA’s self-developed technology, and all core equipment is designed and manufactured by CHEMSTA.

As a national high-tech and state-owned enterprise, CHEMSTA has undertaken hundreds of oilseed processing and vegetable protein turnkey projects (soybeans, peanuts, sunflower seeds, rapeseed, corn germ, etc.) for many years. In the future, we look forward to sharing more advanced technologies and equipment with more customers. You are always welcome to visit CHEMSTA.

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