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ChemSta Mechanical Equipment

Vertical Seed Conditioner

When preparing seeds for oil extraction, the seed needs to be heated and dried to the correct temperature and moisture.


The cooking process is vital to the pretreatment of some oilseeds. It consists of heating the seed and reducing the moisture content.


In the preparation of oilseeds for oil extraction, The hull is often removed from the seed to increase the protein content…

oil Press Machine

A screw press consists of a continuous, helical thread that revolves within a stationary, perforated cylinder…

Drag Chain Extractor

Main equipment in solvent extraction workshop, can be used for many kinds of oil extraction process. 

Rotocel Extractor

Rotocel extractor is a continuous combined type oil extractor. The rotor consisting of material cells rotates around…


 ChemSta is the leading supplier of DTDC for Solvent Extraction in China. Desolventizer – Toaster – Dryer – Cooler


ChemSta Group is China leading provider of Vegetable Oil Evaporator and Vacuum Evaporation equipment.

stripping tower

ChemSta Oil Stripper is latest development in oil-stripping technology for the vegetable oil industry.

Paraffin absorption&desorption tower

The safest and most economical…

White Flake Desolventization

ChemSta’s low temperature Desolventizer (Tank A-B System) is a cost-effective system for desolventizing white flakes for…

Soybean Protein Concentratee Dryer

There are two kinds of soya protein dryer: horizantal disc dryer and vertical dryer.


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