Russia Amur Agricultural Associated Enterprise

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Russia Amur Agricultural Associated Enterprise is not only the largest comprehensive processing enterprise of agricultural and sideline products in the Russian far East, but also one of the largest soybean processing enterprises in Russia.

Their products include soybean high-temperature meal, soybean low-temperature meal, defatted protein powder, full-fat soybean powder, edible soybean oil, food-grade phospholipid, lecithin, shortening, cream and so on. Since the first cooperation in 2003, the two sides have continuously strengthened their cooperation based on their recognition and trust in CHEMSTA. In 2017, CHEMSTA undertook the equipment manufacturing and engineering construction of the 10000 tons one year soybean protein isolate production line and 5000 tons one year soybean dietary fiber production line of Amour Agricultural Group, that is national key project in Russia. At present, the project is running successfully now.

Projects that have been cooperated between CHEMSTA and Amur Agricultural Associated Enterprise:

2003: 300t/d soybean pretreatment and extraction project

50t/d soybean edible oil refining project

2005: 50t/d full fat soybean powder project

2007: 100t/d soybean white flake project

2010: 300t/d soybean preprocess and extraction project

2012: 100t/d soybean edible oil refining project (include food grade soybean phospholipid)

2015: 800t/d soybean white flake project

2017: 10000 T/A SPI and 5000T/A soy dietary fiber project

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