Our Services

As an international supplier for vegetable oil equipment and vegetable protein equipment, we have established an excellent reputation within the oil and protein industry. CHEMSTA promise to do things as followed for our customers.

Professional Training

CHEMSTA will send our professional engineers to production site before customers receive the equipment they ordered from us. We offer systematic training to ensure customers fully understand how to correctly operate and maintain the machines.

Efficient Solution

CHEMSTA promise to give out an efficient solution within 8 hours after we  receive a complaint about machine fault occurring during the production process. If the problem is too complex to solve over phone or email, we will send our technicians to the production site to help with troubleshooting.

Maintenance Service

CHEMSTA are committed to providing free maintenance service if something goes wrong with our machines during the warranty. After the warranty expires, we are also willing to provide components and parts, as well as lifelong maintenance service based on customer requirements, charging only a small service fee.

Professional Agent

CHEMSTA have set up offices and service agents in other countries, including Canada, Russia, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, India, and Malaysia, allowing our customers to gain access to service and support quickly and easily


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