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Chemsta Won “High Growth Leading Team Award”

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(Last Updated On: April 25, 2021)

Recently, Jining City Government commended the enterprises with strong innovation ability, sufficient development potential, fast growth rate and great contribution in 2020, Shandong Chemsta Machinery Manufacturing Co.Ltd. won the “High Growth Leading Team Award”
The leading team of innovation and entrepreneurship with obvious technological progress and talent empowerment to promote the rapid development of high-tech industries was commended and informed.
Chemsta will continue to maintain the forward momentum of not forgetting the original intention and forging ahead, with a new look, high morale and spirit, to achieve a new leap in technological innovation of Chemsta, to achieve a new transcendence in the field of soybean white flake equipment, soybean protein concentrate equipment, soybean protein isolate equipment and turnkey plants.

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