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Chemsta to Undertake a 70,000 T/A Soybean Protein Concentrate (SPC) Project

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(Last Updated On: April 28, 2021)

In April 2021, Tianjin Beihe Biotechnology Co. , Ltd. And Chemsta Group signed a contract by which Chemsta will undertake for Beihe a Soybean Protein Concentrate (SPC) Project with an annual output of 70,000 tons.

This is the world second largest single-line soybean protein concentrate production line, the largest line is 80,000 tons soybean protein concentrate plant, was also undertook by Chemsta in 2020, and now this production line is under installation.

Mr. Guo Yanchao, Chairman of Beihe technology (Beijing) Co.,Ltd., Mr. Wang Xiutao, General manager of Tianjin Beihe Biotechnology Co. , Ltd. , Mr. Zhang Ming, President of Jining Machinery Design and Research Institute and Chairman of Shandong Chemsta Machinery Manufacturing Co. , Ltd. , attended the contract signing ceremony.

The project is located in Tianjin Harbor Economic Zone. It is the 10th soybean protein concentrate production line designed and undertook by Shandong Chemsta in China. It is proposed to adopt the most advanced technology and equipment of Chemsta, which has the characteristics of high automation, energy saving, high efficiency, high quality, stability and independent intellectual property.

After the project was completed and put into operation, it will not only push Tianjin Beihe company to develop more quickly in the field of vegetable protein production towards Green and environmental protection, but also promoted Chemsta’s further exploration in the field of soybean protein concentrate, Chemsta is confident and capable of making this project another benchmark project for the plant protein industry!

 With over 45 years of development, Chemsta has always been customer-oriented and has been devoted to scientific research and technical development. With strong large project delivery capability and excellent quality of equipment, Chemsta has provided a strong evidence of strength to customers. The project design teams of Beihe Group and Chemsta are committed to working together to create a green, low-carbon, intelligent, advanced, safe and reliable soybean protein concentrate plant.

Soybean Protein Concentrate
Contract Signing Ceremony

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