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Chemsta Won The Gold Award For Product Innovation At The 12th IEOE China International Edible Oil Industry Expo

(Last Updated On: August 11, 2022)

From July 28 to 30, 2022, the 12th IEOE China grain, oil and feed products, grain, oil and feed processing, and storage logistics technology Expo was grandly held in Nanjing International Exhibition Center. At the award ceremony, Shandong Chemsta won the “Gold Award for Product Innovation”, and the leaders of the China Institute of Grain and Oil awarded the medal to our company.

soybean protein concentrate
He Dongping, President of Oils&Fats Branch of Chinese Cereals and Oils Association (CCOA) presided over the opening ceremony
Wang Ruiyuan, the chief expert of Chinese Cereals and Oils Association (CCOA), Honorary President of the Oil Branch, delivered a speech
Zhang Guifeng, chairman of the Chinese Cereals and Oils Association (CCOA), announced the opening of the expo

After more than ten years of development, IEOE China International Oil Expo has become an essential platform for the grain and oil industry at home and abroad to show new achievements, exchange new experiences, communicate new information, promote new technologies and promote new cooperation.

In this exhibition, Shandong Chemsta focused on the deep processing of the soybean white flake, soybean food-grade meal, soybean protein concentrate production equipment, and engineering subdivision of the field of new achievements and successful cases.

The participants introduced the company’s technology development and equipment application achievements in new construction, reconstruction, and expansion projects in recent years in the aspects of intelligent control, energy saving, and consumption reduction. Compared with the traditional process, steam consumption alone can bring many economic benefits to the enterprise. At the same time, it also introduces the independent innovation process of the company in the direction of deep soybean processing, especially in the field of low-temperature desolvation equipment and soybean protein concentrate (SPC) equipment manufacturing subdivision (Ethanol Method), in the course of the company’s development towards specialization, large scale and Intelligent, the technical problems solved in technology and key processing equipment, the innovation achievements achieved and the invention patents obtained are introduced; through comparison and analysis with similar foreign equipment in the process, scale, product index, and comprehensive energy consumption, it fully demonstrates the technical superiority and equipment superiority of Shandong Chemsta in the subdivision field.

Honor is not only the recognition and encouragement of the country, society, and customers to the company’s innovation platform, innovation mechanism, innovation ability, and innovation results, but also the cornerstone of our continued progress. In the future, Shandong Chemsta will continue to lay out the global market, develop “MADE in CHINA” grain and oil equipment into “WISDOM in CHINA” grain and oil equipment, and continue to increase innovation investment in the subdivided fields of low-temperature desolvation, food-grade soybean meal, soybean protein concentrate, intelligence, energy conservation, and environmental protection, continue to lead the new benchmark of the industry, and let more domestic and foreign customers share the innovation achievements with us.

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