30,000 TPA Soybean Protein Concentrate (Food Grade) Project Installation Started

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On April 20, 2021, an Chemsta Drag Chain Extractor and a SPC Horizontal Dryer, which possess Chemsta’s independent intellectual property rights, were delivered to Wonderful Group, marking the start of installation of Wonderful Group’s third food grade soybean protein concentrate production line (30,000t/a).

Soybean Protein Concentrate

In 2020, a contract was signed between Wonderful Group and Chemsta, after several months of equipment manufacturing, Chemsta starts to ship the equipment one after another in strict accordance with the contract. Before the contract was signed, wonderful Group inspected many equipment making manufacturers and after careful evaluation of technology and performance, Wonderful finally selected Chemsta to provide engineering, equipment, and automation control system for this soybean protein production line.

This project is the third food grade soybean protein concentrate production line designed and built by our company for Wondeful Group, it adopts Chemsta most mature soybean protein concentrate processing technology and equipment, focusing on energy saving and high efficiency, high quality and stable products. The designed production line is highly automated, with more than 1,200 control and monitoring points, and the overall process and equipment will be at the international leading level.

Soybean Protein Concentrate

Over the past 45 years, Chemsta has become a global engineering company and has supplied lots of large-scale turnkey projects in soybean deep processing industries.

Chemsta has exported to Europe two large-scale complete soybean white flake and soybean protein isolate line. In terms of capacity, this production line is the largest one among all soybean white flake and SPI lines ever exported to Europe by any other engineering company. At the same time, the world’s largest single-line production line of soybean protein concentrate (capacity is 80,000 t/a) is also built by Chemsta.

Chemsta is willing to share the fruits of technological progress with all customers and contribute our efforts to the success of our customers.

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