soybean protein concentrate dryer

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soybean protein concentrate dryer

There are two kinds of soya protein dryer: horizantal disc dryer and vertical dryer

Brief Introduction

Horizantal Disc Dryer
ChemSta Horizantal Disc Dryer is a patented product of our company. It is specially used for drying of high moisture content soybean protein concentrate.
(1) Making full use of the heating surface of the heating plate, the heat transfer efficiency is high, and the effective heating area of the unit volume is large.
(2) The heating disc is equipped with a scraping device, which can push, flip and stir the materials and make the drying more uniform.
(3) The material flow direction is single, there is no back mixing phenomenon, and the drying quality is stable.

Vertical Soybean Protein Dryer
ChemSta Vertical Soybean Protein Concentrate Dryer is specially designed by our company for drying of low moisture content soybean protein.
(1) The moisture gradient distribution is reasonable, the power consumption is low, and the floor area is small.
(2) The material layer is thin, and the drying is uniform without changing the color of protein.
(3) The equipment has no dead angle, no materials accumulated and no materials get burnt.


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