New Soybean White Flake Project Was Put Into Operation!

soybean white flake

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Recently, the soybean white flake projects constructed by Chemsta in 2021 have entered the commissioning stage one after another, and there are three projects being commissioned in December, which are as follows:

– 600 TPD soybean white flake project.

– 600 TPD soybean high temperature soybean meal and white flake project

– 300 TPD soybean white flake project

Among them, 300 TPD soybean white flake project has completed the commissioning work, the customer has started normal production.

soybean white flake

In order to thank the efforts and dedication of Chemsta engineers, in sending the acceptance report, the customer also expressed their gratitude to the engineers: Thank you for the on-site guidance and technical support from your technicians during equipment installation and production commissioning.

soybean white flake

We would like to say to the customer that: this is what we should do, and it is Chemsta’s commitment to the customer to do every project carefully, and we will provide the best technology and equipment to the customer to help the customer to develop better.

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