The new soybean white flake project will be put into operation in the near future

soybean white flake

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A few months ago, Shandong Chemsta and Shandong Sinoglory Health Food Co.,Ltd. signed a 600T/D soybean white flake project contract. This project is the second collaboration after the cooperation between Chemsta and Sinoglory 500T/D soybean white flake project in 2012, indicating that Chemsta’s technology and achievements in the field of soybean white flake have once again been recognized by high-end customers.

soybean white flake

The project will be put into operation recently.

This project located in Liaocheng City, Shandong Province, and includes a 600T/D soybean white flake production line (pretreatment & extraction), soybean refined oil production line, and soybean concentrated phospholipid production line.

Shandong Sinoglory Health Food Co.,Ltd. is a leading soybean protein manufacturer in China. It is one of the earliest and largest professional producers of non-GMO soybean protein isolate in China. With a registered capital of 120 million yuan, the company processes more than 20,0000 tons of non-GM soybeans annually, and has more than 10 years of experience in soybean protein production and R & D. The  goal of Shandong Jiahua is to create greater value for customers based on high-quality products. In the past decade, through persistent efforts, Jiahua protein has been exported to more than 60 countries and regions around the world and enjoys a good reputation.

As a world-famous soybean protein manufacturer, Sinoglory has high standards for equipment suppliers. After a detailed investigation and comparison of engineering design, equipment manufacturing and existing project operation of various engineering companies and equipment suppliers in the industry in recent one year, and finally chose to cooperate with Chemsta again.

In 2012, the 500T/D soybean white flake production line built by Chemsta for Sinoglory has been running stably since its operation, and all process indicators have reached the world-class level. The project provides guarantee for high-quality raw materials required for Sinoglory soybean protein deep processing and production. The second cooperation between the two sides represents Sinoglory’s high recognition and trust in Chemsta.

soybean white flake

Shandong Chemsta has an excellent professional team in the field of soybean white flake. Among them, there are not only experienced process and equipment technicians, but also young engineers with innovative characteristics. They dare to innovate in the research and development of new processes and technologies. Through continuous learning, they have achieved a number of applied achievements on the basis of a large number of cross experiments. Our company has undertaken more than 20 sets of soybean white flake production lines of different capacity at home and abroad. Rich engineering practice experience provides a reliable guarantee for the successful operation of the project.

soybean white flake

The enterprise concept of “innovation, development, harmony and win-win” closely connects Sinoglory and Chemsta again. The cooperation between the two sides has further promoted Chemsta’s global leading position in the professional field of soybean deep processing. Chemsta will continue to strive to climb the peak of the industry and better create value for customers all over the world.

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