Successfully Shipment of 500T/D Soybean White Flakes Equipment Exported to India

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Recently, a complete set of equipment for 500T/D soybean white flakes designed and built by CHEMSTA for Indian customer was successfully shipped from Qingdao Port and Shanghai Port to the Indian customer’s plant.

This set of equipment is the first set of soybean white flakes equipment in India to use tank A-B system for desolventizing. Prior to this, India’s production of soybean white flakes mostly used European and American flash desolventizing technology and equipment.

The customer’s company was founded in 1984, located in western part of India, and is a large soybean protein production enterprise in India. Its main products include soybean white flakes, soybean protein isolate, soybean oil and soybean lecithin, etc. In order to meet the supply of high quality white flakes, customers conducted detailed inspections and comparisons with multiple equipment suppliers around the world. In the end, CHEMSTA won the favor of customer with its advanced process equipment, stable product quality and other multi-faceted strength.

This cooperation marks the beginning of India’s adoption of tank A-B system in the field of soybean white flakes production, and it also means that CHEMSTA soybean white flakes production technology and equipment have been recognized and trusted by more international markets.

Keep up with the times and work hard. In the future, CHEMSTA will continue to increase its innovation efforts, adhering to the concept of “innovation, development, harmony and win-win”, providing first-class technology, equipment and services to more domestic and foreign customers, and contributing CHEMSTA’s strength to the development of the global soybean protein industry.

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