Chemsta Undertake New SPI Sterilization and Flash Evaporation Project

(Last Updated On: January 29, 2023)

Recently, Chemsta undertook a set of soybean protein isolate sterilization flash equipment and project. The award of this contract marks another achievement in the worldwide soybean protein sector following the successful construction of a 10,000-ton annual isolate soybean protein plant for Amur Agricultural Group (An interview with the project).

The facility mainly uses sterilizers and flash tanks for flash drying and sterilization of soybean protein isolates to remove bacteria and odor in the isolate soybean protein, so as to achieve high-end products and obtain higher added value.

According to the production process and product characteristics of customers, the engineering team of Chemsta has developed a unique sterilization flash process and equipment innovatively for customers based on the careful consideration of environmental protection, cost, high efficiency, stability, and other factors, and finally stood out in the competition with suppliers from other countries in the world. The professionalism of the Chemsta team has won the trust of the clients.

In recent years, the soybean deep processing industry has developed vigorously in many countries around the world. As a national high-tech enterprise and a state-owned enterprise in China, Chemsta has more than 40 years of experience in the design and equipment manufacturing of vegetable oils&fats (especially edible oil solvent extraction and refinery) and soybean protein (soybean protein concentrate, soybean protein isolate) industry. Chemsta has completed a number of soybean deep processing projects in China and other countries around the world, leading the world in the research and development of soybean deep processing technology and equipment.

In the future, Chemsta expects to share advanced technology and equipment with more customers. We will not enter into too many other fields, we will only focus on vegetable oils&fats and vegetable protein (soybean protein, cottonseed protein) processing equipment and technology, we will put all energy into this field of technology and equipment development. We do not want to become the market leader alone but hope to grow together with customers, let our technology and equipment better serve you, and through cooperation, let each other achieve.

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