Successfully Started Of Installation For High Oleic Acid Peanut Oil Plant

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Recently, The installation of equipment for 100,000 tons of high oleic acid peanut oil production line of Zhengyang Luhua Flavor Peanut Oil Co., Ltd., which was constructed by Shandong Chemsta Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., was successfully started.
Shandong Luhua Group is a large-scale private enterprise and a national key leading enterprise in agricultural industrialization. Since its establishment 30 years ago, from peanut planting, innovative technology to brand building, channel terminal, and carefully build the entire industry chain, with excellent product quality and strong brand strength, it has become the leader of China’s high-end edible oil, with a high market awareness and reputation.

At present, the equipment in each workshop of the production line has been delivered to the construction site and installed in place, and the installation work has been fully carried out. From engineering design to mechanical processing, from equipment manufacturing to engineering installation site, all members of “Zhengyang Luhua Project Team” of Chemsta are actively working in their respective jobs with full passion and rigorous attitude, with hard work, solid professional skills and excellent work results have helped the construction of the Zhengyang Luhua high oleic acid peanut oil industry base, so that make “Lu Hua” fragrant in Zhengyang soon.

Congratulations on the good luck of starting installation of 100,000 tons of high oleic peanut oil production line for Zhengyang Luhua, and wish a successful completion and commissioning of the project.

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