Successfully Started The Construction of 30000 TPA SPC Turnkey project

(Last Updated On: December 31, 2020)

The project of Shandong Wonderful Group with an annual output of 30,000 tons of food-grade soybean protein concentrate production line, designed and constructed by CHEMSTA, has completed all the process and civil design work and passed the approval of local government departments, and officially started the construction.

The production line adopts non-GMO soybean white flake as raw material, and uses ethanol as solvent. After processing through alcohol extraction, extrusion, drying, crushing, evaporation, concentration and other processes, the annual output of food-grade soybean protein concentrate powder is 30,000 tons and soybean syrup is about 16,000 tons. Further processing and modification of protein concentrate powder can yield functional soybean protein concentrate powder, which is widely used in food and meat processing industries. Further processing of the syrup can yield products such as isoflavones, oligosaccharides or molasses soybean skins, extending the soybean processing industry chain and enhancing the added value of non-GMO soybeans.

Founded in 2001, Shandong Wandefu Industrial Group Company is mainly engaged in the deep processing of domestic non-converted soybeans and is committed to providing high-quality soybean deep processing products to meet customers’ needs. The products mainly include various functional soybean protein, protein concentrate, drawn protein, tissue protein, isoflavones, etc. We have many scientific and technological platforms, such as Shandong Enterprise Technology Center, Shandong Soybean Processing By-products High Value Utilization Demonstration Engineering Technology Research Center, Shandong Soybean Deep Processing Key Laboratory, etc. We have won many honors, such as national agricultural industrialization key leading enterprise, national high-tech enterprise, national minority special needs The project is the first of its kind in China.

  This project is the third food grade soybean protein concentrate production line designed and built by our company for Wondeful Group, located in Dongying Kenli District. The design of the plant is based on the premise of smooth process, safety, hygiene and standardization, and focuses on economic rationality. It adopts our most mature soybean protein concentrate processing technology and equipment, focusing on energy saving and high efficiency, high quality and stable products. The designed production line is highly automated, with more than 1,200 control and monitoring points, and the overall process and equipment will be at the international leading level.

    The production line is expected to be put into operation at the end of October 2021.

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