A Review Of Technology Innovation Of Chemsta In 2022

(Last Updated On: January 29, 2023)

In 2022, Chemsta further implemented the innovation-driven development strategy and focused on strengthening scientific and technological innovation and management. Scientific and technological innovation has become the first driving force for the high-quality development of the company.

1. The R&D investment is accumulated and developed.

As a leading enterprise in the field of vegetable protein (soybean protein concentrate -SPC, soybean protein isolate -SPI, cottonseed protein) segmentation, Chemsta continuously increased its R&D investment. In 2022, the R&D investment accounted for 11.1%, and the R&D investment increased by 25.5%, with an increase of more than 20% for five consecutive years.

2. The core technology is independent and controllable.

In 2022, Chemsta applied for 42 patents (16 invention patents) and obtained 18 patent authorizations (2 invention patents); Participate in the formulation of 1 industrial standard and 2 enterprise standards; Published 7 high-quality scientific and technological papers. In recent years, the company has obtained 90 patents (6 invention patents) and 13 software copyrights; It has participated in the formulation of 3 national standards, 5 industrial standards, and 36 enterprise standards.

3. The key technical problems are solved day and night.

Chemsta participated in undertaking two provincial key R&D plans in 2021 and one Jining key R&D plan project. In 2022, the first year of project implementation, the company formed a research and development team to allocate sufficient funds, decompose tasks, and regularly schedule to ensure that the three projects were completed on schedule with quality and quantity guaranteed.

4. The key projects finished perfectly.

In 2022, Chemsta perfectly delivered the 80,000 T/A of feed-grade soybean protein concentrate project of Fujian Xingyu Company and the 30,000 T/A of food-grade soybean protein concentrate project of Shandong Wonderful; The two projects are currently the world’s largest single-line tonnage feed grade and food-grade alcohol concentrated protein production lines.

5. Social honor is well deserved.

Chemsta was awarded The Honorary Title of “Specialized、Refinement、Differential and Innovation” Small and Medium-sized Enterprise in Shandong Province in 2022 and The Champion Enterprise of Manufacturing Industry in Shandong Province in 2022, as well as The Provincial Industrial Design Center in 2022. The company has also been recognized as a National High-tech Enterprise, Gazelle Enterprise of Shandong Province; Small, Medium, and Micro Technology Enterprise of Shandong Province, and other honorary titles.

All employees of Chemsta will firmly believe in, shoulder the mission of scientific and technological innovation, seize the development opportunity, seize the momentum, work hard and forge ahead, continue to strengthen scientific and technological strength and innovation ability, strive to make greater breakthroughs in key technology research, scientific and technological achievements transformation, scientific research platform upgrading, and other aspects, make scientific and technological innovation an important engine to drive the company’s high-quality development, and strive to write a new chapter in the cause of scientific and technological innovation!

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