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Spring is coming, everything comes back to life.

Recently, CHEMSTA successfully held the training activity of “Excellent Team Leaders Special Training Class”.

The training was conducted by Zeng Jinxian, a senior consultant from Qingdao Thinking Enterprise Management Co., Ltd. Mr. Zeng has been engaged in enterprise management consulting and training for more than 20 years and has rich experience in enterprise practice management. Mr. Zeng used interesting and humorous language, combined theory and practice. He fully mobilized the enthusiasm of each participant in the class, which made the participants feel deeply and benefit greatly.

    This training provides a deep analysis of “the role, tasks, rights and responsibilities and management concepts of the team leaders”. Management concepts PDCA, production process control, 5M1E, and point, line, and surface management are the four basic items of on-site management. The ultimate implementation is still reflected in the execution of workers. Only when excellent processes, equipment, and a team of workers who maximize their potential complement each other, can the production line produce maximum efficiency.

In the training class, Mr. Zeng gave detailed explanations through the pithy formula for analyzing abnormal problems, on-site production board, implementing pre-shift meetings, and the “Turtle Method” of “five in and one out”. To improve the learning initiative, Mr. Zeng adopted the interactive method of “Q & A” to carry out teaching.

Through communication between participants and Mr. Zeng, as well as brainstorming within teams, ideas for improvement are clearly established one by one. Everyone calmly displayed their improvement achievements on the podium. The presentation process of improvement is also a process of displaying and releasing themselves. The applause from the audience and the excellent comments from experts gave the team leaders great encouragement and support!

After the training, Mr. Zeng reviewed the wonderful display of the participants during the training period and announced the final results of each team, expressed heartfelt thanks to the members who had worked hard for this training, and awarded prizes to the winning teams.

The two-day training course is rich and colorful, and everyone has benefited greatly and gained a lot of insights. They are determined to apply what they have learned to actual work, to maximize the benefits while ensuring safety and quality, to lay a solid foundation for the company’s products to lead the market, and to continue to write a new chapter for the company’s long-term development!

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